SMDL ride: evaluating the journey

This week we had our last Social Media Driving Licence session, which was really fun as we did LEGO serious play! Yay! I guess everybody enjoyed this as much as I did. We even got a small cute present each. This is what I got:


Going back to the overall experience of the course I should say my journey was a bit bumpy. These eight weeks were really intense and I learnt a lot, but at the same time it was difficult to cope as I did need to find extra time for blogging and other tasks.

Despite this I feel I’m much more confident now about social media and I’m keen to use it more not only personally but also professionally. It was really good to learn how to use Twitter and how to write a blog – as this was something completely new for me.

Also, there are some really useful tools out there that I’m sure I’ll be using in the future. My favorites are: Storify,, PicMonkey, Flickr, SlideShare and some of the Google tools. Of course I still need some more time to digest all this info and start using these tools properly, but I’m looking forward to this.

If you ask me what part I liked least during the course I will mention just few things – live tweeting, Feedly and Google+. The first one is actually very useful and it was great to experience live tweeting in the classroom. I just don’t feel confident doing this at the moment, but I hope I’ll improve later. The second on the list – Feedly – I feel it’s just not for me. And finally, Google +, I didn’t like it at all and I’m not planing to use it.

To sum up the whole experience, I would really recommend this course to my colleagues at CJBS. The team was great and teachers did put a lot in order to make it more fun. I feel that I have a solid base now and I’m ready to dive into the social media world…


Photo credit: Matthias Weinberger via Flickr


It’s all about the picture!

Last week at the Social Media Driving Licence course we learnt how to become a better online citizen. Of course some of us already are good citizens, but I guess some of us still need to improve. This was an interesting session as we heard about Creative Commons, PicMonkey, Flickr, TinEye, Photopin and much more. I need to confess – I didn’t know there are such useful tools out there!

Also, we learnt how to do reverse picture search with Google – this was something I was looking for some time now. I have quite few pictures that I wanted to check, but didn’t know how. When I started to write a blog for the course the first thing I thought of was what images I’ll use for my posts. As visual elements being crucial part of communications nowadays I knew visual elements will support and strengthen my  thoughts.

I usually use my own photographs for my posts, with the exception of few images. But I’m sure I’ll be using more visual elements from different websites in the future. So now it’s a good time to learn how to credit the authors properly via Creative Commons in order to avoid problems that Peter mentioned in his latest blog.

Here we go – this is the picture of a gentleman who’s about to capture a nice scenery. This beautiful image was created by ollipitkanen is can be used by everyone for everybody for free. All you need to do – just to credit the author properly.

Safari in Nakuru National Park, Kenya

Photo credit: by ollipitkanen, Photopin CC

And here is another picture with nice scenery. I took this picture when I was visiting 7 Sisters Cliff few weeks ago ( I don’t know how to credit myself though):


I guess I’m getting closer to a better online citizen now…

Almost forgotten homework…

It was such a nice and long weekend. After hot day in the office I spent a beautiful evening in Parker’s piece on Friday – having fun with friends and listening to beautiful music. Myles Sanko, Bay City Rollers and Billy Ocean gave their best performance. And the best part of the evening- fireworks.


Then Saturday and Sunday – lazy days at home. Monday – most exiting day as Tour de France was in the city. Yay! I went to see it with my friends and saw quite few colleagues as well – some of them climbing on the roof or hanging out from the windows 🙂 Here is one of the shoots from my phone:


And then I was spending my cozy evening on comfortable red sofa when my partner asked: “Did you write your blog for tomorrow?” What?! Tomorrow?! Aaahhh…

So, here it is after short panic attack.

Last week at the Social Media Driving Licence course we learned about Google products. Usually I use Google when I need to find something out or to get directions. But it was good to hear that Google can offer much more than that. For example Google Documents. I think this is a very good tool if you are working on one project with somebody but can’t be in the same place at the same time. It’s handy that you both can edit the document and also put comments. I haven’t used this tool before, but I’m looking forward to try it out with my colleagues in the future.

We also have a chance to try Google+ in the classroom. To be honest, I should say – I didn’t like it at all. Basically it’s like Facebook, but just from Google and I don’t see a value in this one. Maybe it could work if haven’t had Facebook for few years now. But now I guess I’m too old for this one 🙂

Ahh, the last thing – as one of the homework tasks we also have to create a youtube playlist. This was one of the easiest bits. Here is my playlist.

So, my homework is done and there’s no need to panic anymore. As they say: Don’t worry, be happy – and save the water!


Looking for a new job? Social media can help!

One of the week 5 podcasts at Social Media Driving Licecne course was interview with Julie Brown, HR director at CJBS. Julie spoke on why social media is key in recruitment and gave some interesting insights.

Social media today is heavily used for job advertisements and recruitment. It doesn’t cost a penny and is a great channel to reach potential candidates. For example LinkedIn is one of the main channels when it comes to job advertising/ hunting. According to the statistics 89% of job recruiters search  for new employees on LinkedIn. So, its important to keep your account updated all the time.




Photo credit: LinkedIn Marketing Solutions

Social media can also tell a lot about the company before you even apply for the job. I think it’s really nice to find out that people really enjoy working here. Julie said a lot of potential employees check Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts in order to get a sense of how is it like to work here. So, it’s crucial to have current staff voices out there. But it’s more important to have current staff on social media in a right way, says Julie, meaning that negative comments are not helpful at all.

Facebook, on the other hand is not really useful according to Julie. I agree with that as I think Facebook is more suitable for personal use. So, I don’t really see a point why a potential employer should read my updates on where did I go for a weekend or which friend of mine is getting married next summer. I don’t think this is relevant to them and it’s not related with my professional experience.

But anyway, according to Julie, you should think before putting any content out there because HR folks will Google you before the interview!





How to tell a story

Every week at Social Media Driving Licence sessions we learn something new. Last week we heard about social media tools such as Storify, Hootsuite, Bitly and Feedly. I have no doubt that all these tools are great and very useful, especially Hootsuite and Bitly. Where the first one is invaluable for tracking and organising tweets and the second one is for shortening URLs.

I’m not sure if I’ll be using Feedly though. I guess this one is just not for me as I don’t keep a track of what newspapers or magazines I read and I don’t really follow a significant number of blogs. So, I don’t really see a point in spending time and building newsfeeds and customizing this.

The last one – Storify – looks more promising though. During the session we had a chance to try it out and created our first Storify. And this was a great experience. I like the idea that you can include posts, pictures and videos from different social media channels and incorporate these in one story that makes sense. Also it helps to organise tweets – like books on the shelve – as it can be difficult to follow if you have many of those.

2012 is iPhone

If you want to make it more personal Storify allows you to add your own narrative. I can see how this tool can be adapted not only for personal but also for processional use. One of the great examples how to wrap-up an event is here.

And the last but not least good thing about Storify – it is user friendly. As I’m not very tech savvy,  so it’s important to me that I can use it without getting any headaches.

So, let’s hope I’ll be able to find a minute or two to tell some juicy stories via Storify while juggling between work, travelling and growing number of social media accounts…



The art of live tweeting

I was already getting in the mood of tweeting and was starting to think that Twitter is very easy thing to do. This was slightly spoiled with the live tweeting exercise last Friday – when we have to tweet during the fourth session of Social Media Driving Licence.

Our lovely Nathalie gave us an amazing presentation on why social media is great and shared some of her personal tips and tricks how to make it work. And we – a bunch of folks – have been tweeting this presentation to our online networks. I should say it was really difficult to do this task as you need to concentrate on quite few things at once – listen to the presenter, summarise his/her thoughts, think how to put it into 140 characters, include all the relevant hashtags – and finally- to do that quickly! Oh dear…

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200

I was actually very happy when this exercise was over (as were the majority of my colleagues I think). The good thing about it was that our team (Team Eagle) won the prize for most tweets per team – Yay! Also, I learnt quite a lot during this session despite the fact it was a bit stressful.

Now I’m looking forward to the next SMDL session and I hope this one will bring more fun and some more sweets 🙂

VLUU L200  / Samsung L200




Ready, steady… tweet!

The latest homework for Social Media Driving Licence course was to write a blogpost on how do we feel about Twitter. So here we go…

For me Twitter is something mysterious, undiscovered land, because I have never used it before. Of course I knew that there is Twitter out there and it’s extremely popular and cool thing to have. But I thought this is more for celebrities like Lady Gaga or Stephen Fry who use this channel for promotion and chatting with the fans. I can see a point in this for them, but for me – I wasn’t sure why do I need it? Who I’m going to follow? Who’ll follow me? I guess everybody asks these questions and takes precautions before ‘riding the new bike’.


Image credit:

I guess the break through came during the taster session last week, when we had a chance to tweet our first messages to @CJBSsmdl  and chat with each other. Surprisingly it went very well and everybody were excited about it. I guess it was a combination of friendly colleagues, great support from our mentors and relaxed atmosphere that really helped. Also, the live chat yesterday was a good chance to ask questions and practice how to tweet – I feel much more confident now. So I’m getting into Twitter mood now… (starting with Twitter nails 🙂

twitter nails

When you think about Twitter it’s really amazing how many thing you can do here – not only sharing your thoughts, but also reading breaking news, getting important info and updates or just having fun by browsing funny pics or watching hilarious videos. This is a great channel to get your message out. So companies should definitely pay attention to this channel.

As somebody from the course said it’s scary to put your thoughts out there, because ‘I’m a scaredy cat’.   I agree, it is scary. But it’s worth trying and exploring the new things out there – you never know where this will lead you. And I don’t care if I’ll fail, because…


Image credit:

So, let’s meet on Twitter! Shall we?